Reputation Management

Reputation Management for Dentists

By Lawrence Spindel DDS,

Most dentists spend years developing their specialized skills and their practice. This leads them to developing what might be their most truly valuable asset…their reputation. Dentists have traditionally developed their reputation concentrating on providing excellent care for their patients in a pain free and caring manner.  Many figured that if they showed up for work every day and did a good job that would be enough.

My initial marketing education was similar to most dentists. I remember being told the adage that a happy patient might tell a friend, but an unhappy patient would tell ten! This advice was certainly true when I started out thirty years ago, but things have changed now, in part due to the internet. Now both happy and unhappy patient has an opportunity to tell thousands of people on an online review.

Today when most patients are recommended to see a friend’s dentist they are likely to google his or her name and see what turns up! So even with traditional word of mouth marketing, the internet will have an effect. Prospective patients expect their new dentist will have an attractive website, good online reviews and a nice video wouldn’t hurt!

Accordingly, we at Metrosmiles LLC have developed this website to help promote some dentists whom we have chosen to work with and we offer them a range of other services including website development, website hosting, social media advice, help with setting up and running Facebook fan pages for their practices and internet consulting about creating a positive presence on the internet.
If you are a dentist and are interested in finding out more please call us at 347-693-2308. Our services are reasonable, our clients tend to be satisfied and our services affordable. Call us so that and so we can start helping you create a more positive image today!