Dental Services

Dental Services

When selecting a dentist you are free to choose Either from our list of top rated dentists or choose our unique discount dentistry option.


Our Dentists offer a full range of services, including Cosmetic, Restorative and Implant Dentistry.  Many of them perform Endodontics and treat their patients nonsurgically for Periodontal disease.

We make mouth guards to protect your teeth from bruxing and grinding at night and we use Zoom Bleaching to whiten teeth in the office.

  We have a Periodontist (gum and implant specialist) an Oral Surgeon (extractions, anaesthesia dentistry and implant specialist) and An Orthodontist (straightens teeth) whose offices participate with


Cosmetic dentistry includes: Bonding , Porcelain laminates, Tooth whitening;both chairside and home tray bleaching, and Invisalign braces.

Restorative dentistry includes: White fillings, Crowns, Bridges and Implant restorations.

Endodontic dentistry involves :  the prevention and treatment of infections  originating from the tooth's pulp (nerve). 

Another term for this is Root Canal  and it essentially is a procedure in which a dentist cleans out the contents of the tooth's nerve chamber, at the same time sterilizing and sealing the tooth afterwards.This procedure allows a dentist to save and restore teeth that would  otherwise be lost .